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Join with us as we celebrate the remarkable Pioneers who blazed new trails across the plains to the Rocky Mountains and to the Pacific Coast. Learn more of their struggles, heroism and accomplishments in settling the remote deserts of the Great Basin, the Snake River Valley and the Colorado River Plateau.

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Where's My PIONEER Magazine?

Dateline:  October 15, 2016.  Many of our members and subscribers may be wondering when they will receive their next issue of Pioneer magazine. The answer is -- soon! If you recall the letter from publisher William W. Tanner, sent to everyone several weeks ago, the Pioneer staff led by our valued editor Susan Lofgren has undertaken a joint publication project with the LDS Church History Museum in Salt Lake City.

The title of the exhibit at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City is "The heavens are opened"

The title of the exhibit at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City is "The heavens are opened"

The new first floor exhibit that opened one year ago will be the subject of the next issue of Pioneer. It will be the largest and most beautiful publication we have ever attempted. In November the new issue, which will actually be a book and may be more than 200 pages in length, will arrive in your mail boxes.

In the meantime, please be patient with us. We know you will be excited about the publication you receive, and we of course look forward to getting back to our regular quarterly schedule in January. We hope you understand that the staff members who produce the Pioneer are volunteers, and every issue we print is a labor of love in an effort to honor our Pioneer ancestors. Thank you for your patience as we make sure that this special issue is the finest possible.

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Banquet at the National Historical Symposium in Salt Lake City, May 2013

Banquet at the National Historical Symposium in Salt Lake City, May 2013

Membership in the National Society of The Sons of Utah Pioneers is open to men everywhere who admire the heritage and values of the early pioneers of Utah and the intermountain west. All are invited to join this 84-year old organization and take an active role in activities that honor these courageous and visionary men and women.

It is not necessary to have pioneer ancestry to become a member of the Sons of Utah Pioneers.

Members are encouraged to affiliate with a nearby chapter where they will enjoy the fellowship of other like-minded men. Chapter meetings usually include stimulating and informative speakers on historical subjects of interest. Other activities in chapters are group treks to historic places, establishing and maintaining historical monuments and markers, and supporting appropriate community events.

Many chapters also recognize pioneering elementary and high school students with awards and scholarships, and honor modern pioneers from their local communities.

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Persons who live some distance from an organized chapter may be a member-at-large. Every member is welcome at all national events and at any chapter meeting where they may wish to visit.

All members receive the colorful print edition of the quarterly PIONEER Magazine, a high-quality historical publication of the SUP.

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Note: Wives are encouraged to participate in national events along with their husbands, and most (but not all) chapters include wives in their monthly meetings.

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