Speakers' Bureau -- a list of A-1, top-notch, first-rate speakers. Invite one to present at your next Chapter meeting!

Ron L. Andersen - Author

Bob Brown - Historian

Lynn Cleland - Author

Jim Hurst - retired University professor and current President of the SUP

David C. Ogden - history buff and current Mayor of Richfield, Utah

Steven L. Olsen - museum Curator

Roger K. Peterson - Author

Keith Redford - Actor

Mike Rose - Author

Quentin Thomas Wells - Author, educator and more

Bios and contact information

Ron L. Anderson

Ron L. Andersen has worked his entire career with the LDS Church in personal and career development in the U.S. and Latin America. He is the author of three books on the remarkable faith and righteousness of Abraham Lincoln and of his connections with the early Mormon Church. He is a regular speaker at BYU Education Week on these topics. He recently served on the Young Men General Board for the Church. Married to Kathleen Brown, they are parents of five children and ten grandchildren. Ron is a member of the Bountiful Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers.


One:' Abraham Lincoln and the Early Mormon Church

Lincoln knew a great deal about the Mormons. He read most, if not all of the 137 Springfield Ill. newspaper articles about their migration and persecutions in neighboring Missouri. He lived just 110 miles from Nauvoo during the Mormon's exodus to Illinois and knew of the building of their Temple and persecutions. Joseph Smith was in Lincoln's hometown of Springfield at least three times. Did they ever meet? Examine why Lincoln was so unusually neutral to the Mormons when so many around him were so vehemently opposed to them.

•            Joseph Smith’s Springfield trial in same building as Lincoln's office

•            Lincoln knew some Latter-day Saints

•            Lincoln’s dealings with Brigham Young

•            Lincoln voted for the Nauvoo Charter

•            Did not speak against polygamy

•             Lincoln checked out the book of Mormon from the Library of Congress

Two: The Remarkable Similarities of Joseph Smith and Abraham Lincoln

Joseph Smith and Abraham Lincoln had similar humble beginnings and shared a remarkably similar interpretation of the Bible. Both Presidential candidates had very parallel political platforms and views. They both led their followers under great duress and proclaimed to be guided by God throughout their lives. Each in his leadership role elected firmly to do God's will rather than their own and both sealed their work with their own blood.

•            Humble beginnings

•            Both searched the Bible as young men

•            Lincoln joined no church

Three: Abraham Lincoln and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

This nation's democracy was critically close to dissolution in the 1850s. Many Americans attacked the Constitution and many more assailed the Declaration of Independence. Religious discrimination against Mormons and Catholics was ubiquitous and the freedom of religion in which the gospel's restoration process relied, was deeply threatened. Explore why Lincoln checked out the Book of Mormon from the Library of Congress and returned it eight months later. Review the numerous times that President Lincoln called Americans to repentance. Gain a renewed appreciation of Lincoln's role in preserving this nation's constitutional right to worship and its importance to the process of the Lord's Restoration through his contemporary, Joseph Smith.

•            Anglo Saxon superiority: “God gave the Constitution only for White men."

•            Slavery introduced in the very first colony; grew to the point of dividing the nation.

•            The Confederate Constitution: obliterated the inalienable rights

•            Lincoln recognized early the great threats to our religious freedoms

•            Lincoln preserved the Union to preserve the Constitution

•            Lincoln believed that the Civil War served as a punishment for sinful America

•            Second Inaugural Address: full of references to and praise for God

•            "He from whom all blessings flow deserves all the praise, no part of the honor is mine."

Four: Abraham Lincoln believed he had a calling from God.

He said just days before his election to the presidency, "I see the storm coming, and I know that His hand is in it. If He [God] has a place and a work for me- and I think He has-I believe I am ready .... with God's help I shall not fail." Lincoln believed that our republic and Constitution were gravely at risk, both of which were critically important to establishing the Lord's ”restoration of all things." He referred to God more than any other President, and called America to repentance numerous times in official Proclamations.

•            Premonitions of greatness

•            Heber J. Grant and Reed Smoot: Raised up to the Presidency

•            D&C 87: Prophecy on Civil War

•            "God has ruled in favor of the slaves."

Five: The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln
This session will be a lively, humorous and inspiring review of Lincoln's saying and the circumstances in which they were given. They reflect his genuine good nature, his deep sense of morality and his uncompromising devotion to God.

•            A master story teller; his sense of humor

•            Would not speak ill of opponents

•            "The best way to deal with my enemies is to make them my friend."

•            His politics were founded on the principles of right and wrong.

•            Sought God's will in every Presidential decision

•            Examples of prayerful President in the White House

Contact information

E-mail: discoverlincoln@gmail.com

Phone: 801-718-0080

Bob Brown

The Utah Pioneer Jubilee of 1897

Bob’s interest in The Pioneer Jubilee began more than 20 years ago when he began researching one of the souvenir items from the Jubilee that a friend sold to him. During the research of that item, he kept finding more and more fascinating information about the Jubilee and came to realize what a wonderful event that July 24th, 1897celebration was. It is one of the most significant July 24th celebrations ever held in the State of Utah.  Bob soon found he had people asking him questions about the celebration so he decided to expand his research and then share the information he had gained with various groups. He has presented to Sons of Utah Pioneers chapters, DUP camps and their National meeting, LDS Church History staff, antique collectors, the National Numismatic Convention held in Salt Lake City, and other interested groups. Besides the research of the event itself, Bob started to look for items that were sold or given out during the celebration. He has collected many artifacts from the celebration and enjoys displaying them and sharing stories about them with his audience during his PowerPoint Presentation.

Contact information

Phone: 801-916-3093
E-mail: brown698@comcast.net

Lynn Cleland


His book is entitled 'Faith Greater Than Pain.'  Its about the Trek from Iowa City to Utah.

 Phone:  425-788-5146

Jim Hurst

Jim Hurst retired as Vice President and Professor Emeritus from the University of Wyoming.  He has served as President of the Morgan Pioneer Chapter and is currently National President of the SUP.  Jim and his wife Joan have served two missions as Area Mental Health Advisors in South America and in Europe East.  His Church service has included Bishop (twice) and Stake President.  Jim and Joan have four children and 14 grandchildren. 

His presentation addresses ways in which our individual identity as a person can be influenced by and reflect the legacy of our Pioneer Ancestors.  Several brief vignettes of pioneer ancestor dilemmas are presented in the context of the question, "What Would You Do?"  Chapter members are invited to contemplate how their choices and decisions have been affected by our Pioneer Ancestor Legacy.  A concluding short story provides a contrast to the legacy we have inherited from the pioneers.  A power-point display accompanies the presentation.

Contact Information:

E-mail:  jhurst@uwyo.edu

Phone:  801-876-3457

David C. Ogden

Current Mayor of Richfield, Utah

Dave is a history buff and a great presenter. His favorite topics are (1) Jedediah Smith, (2) the Old Spanish Trail, and (3) the Southern Expedition led by Parley P. Pratt in the winter of 1849-1850. His presentations include maps, books and artifacts. One of his ancestors was an original settler of Richfield.

Contact information:

E-mail: davidogden5232@msn.com

Mobile: 435-979-6423

Home: 435-896-5232

Steven L. Olsen

Senior Curator in the Church History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Former Managing Director of the Church History Department and Acting Director of the Church History Museum. He directs the restoration of major Church history sites. On-going projects include the Priesthood Restoration Site In Pennsylvania, Historic Nauvoo and the Church History Center in Hamilton, New Zealand. He holds degrees in cultural anthropology from BYU and from the University of Chicago. He has published widely in the fields of museum studies and Mormon studies, frequently presenting at scholarly and professional conferences.

Contact information:

E-mail: olsensl@ldschurch.org

Mobile: 801-598-7966

Home: 435-654-3523

Roger K. Peterson

Roger was added to the Speakers' Bureau at the request of National SUP President Jim Hurst, who wrote this about him: "Roger Petersen recently spoke at a Morgan Pioneer Chapter meeting and has agreed to have his name added to our Speakers Bureau.  He is able to speak on a number of pioneer related topics.  His presentation in Morgan was regarding his recent mission to Joseph Smith's birthplace in Vermont and focused on the history related to that site.
Jim Hurst"

Roger's bio:
BA MA and Ph D.

Work Experience
Director LDS Institute at UCLA
Manager Curriculum Dept. LDS Church
Manager Intellectual Property Office, LDS Church

Rose Marie Reid: An Extraordinary Life Story
Zion on the Horizon
Before the Millennial Fire
The Transitional Fire
The Consuming Fire
Harmonizing Hellenism and Hebraism
Mormons and Popular Culture
Roger and his wife, Susan, recently returned from a mission to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial..

Contact information:
Phone: 801 814 5195

Keith Redford

Actor – portrays Orin Porter Rockwell

"I saw him at a Sanpete Valley chapter meeting. He did a good job. I spoke with him and his wife. They both said they are willing to travel about anywhere.

He did not actually portray Rockwell at the chapter meeting, but talked about Rockwell, and had props to show.

Redford and his wife are in the business of portraying Rockwell as a dinner show event, so they are interested in promoting their business. However, the promoting was done very softly.

David Mower"

Contact information for Keith Redford



Mike Rose

Graphic Artist, Writer, Researcher, Adventurer

Mike presented at the Sevier Valley Chapter on 22 Feb 2016. The topic was his recently published book, “Salina Utah Massacre.” He spoke without notes giving detailed information about names, dates and events. He entertained questions and there were many.

His other published books are: “Remembering Pearl Harbor by One Who Was There,” "Rebellion, The American Revolution Begins” and “Postcards from the Canyon Country.”

He charged no honorarium nor expenses. However he did offer books for sale.

Contact information for Mike Rose

P.O. Box 1222, Riverton, UT 84065




Quentin Thomas Wells

Author +


  • Defender: the Life of Daniel H. Wells (Utah pioneer, member of the First Presidency, mayor of Salt Lake City, businessman, commander of the Nauvoo Legion).

  • Final Payment (an espionage thriller about the CIA’s covert operation to prevent a nuclear attack during the Cold War).

  • The Venom X Conspiracy (a novel about a terrorist assault on Las Vegas and the efforts of a Utah Mormon and his fundamentalist girl friend to stop it).

  • The Southpointe Family History Center: A Quarter Century of Service.


  • Former CIA officer

  • Motion picture writer, producer and director

  • Salt Lake Community College Director of Student Media Center

  • Former bishop, full-time missionary and service missionary in the LDS Church

Contact information

4314 Sage Circle, Salt Lake City, UT, 84124

email:  qtwells@g.com

Phone #'s: 801-262-6312 or 801-718-8890