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A listing of ALL monuments has been compiled by L. Stewart Radmall, Sons of Utah Pioneers National Director of Monuments, and Mark E. Walker, Co-director. Both men are members of the Ogden Pioneer Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers.


For more information about creating or maintaining monuments, click here.

The care and keeping of monuments is assigned to our various SUP chapters. Our recent status report is found here.



We are working on a new monuments web site that will make it much easier to navigate through the monument listings and descriptions. Please stay tuned!



Gratitude is expressed to all those individuals who gave of their time and resources to collect and preserve the history, location and pictures of the monuments associated with the Sons of Utah Pioneers organization. Without their assistance, making of this publication would not be possible. Specific thanks to those who were responsible for researching, providing photographs, texts, location/condition information, and text editing includes the following:

  • L. Stewart Radmall, National Director of Monuments
  • Gerald B. Haycock, SUP Director of Trails and Markers
  • Marilyn Johnson, former SUP Librarian
  • Florence Youngberg, former SUP Librarian
  • Local SUP Chapters and members who accepted responsibility for local monuments
  • Mark E. Walker for text editing and computer support
  • Publishers of the Pioneer magazine for text contributions
  • Kenneth R. Richey for website support