Civilian Conservation Corps Camp (CCC) FS-18 Blue Spring Ridge (SUP #99.1)
Sponsor  Hole-in-the-Rock Chapter, 2001
Location  Approximately 12-13 miles north of Escalante in Pine Canyon near Posey Lake, on the road to Hells Backbone.

During the Great Depression, Congress passed a bill for the U.S. government to hire unemployed men for public works on state and federal lands. Better known by the initials CCC, Camp FS-18 operated during1933–34 and built a road from Blue Spring Ridge to Hell's Backbone, down the mountain and through Salt Gulch into Boulder, linking the two towns. The remarkable Hell's Backbone bridge stands today as one of the major accomplishments of Camp FS-18 of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

CCC Camp FS-42 The Spring (SUP #108)
Sponsor  Hole-in-the-Rock Chapter, 2001
Location  One mile east from Escalante, at “The Spring.”

Camp FS-42 operated from 1935–41 and built the road via Calf Creek between Escalante and Boulder. Taking five years to complete and cutting through sandrock ledges 40 feet deep and 80 feet long, this road became known as the “million-dollar road to Boulder.”

CCC Camp FS-44 – Posey Lake (SUP #99.2)
Sponsor  Hole-in-the-Rock Chapter, 2001
Location  From Escalante, fourteen miles north in Pine Canyon, one mile south of Posey Lake, at “Aspen Grove.”

Camp FS-44 operated from 1935–41 and built the road over the Boulder Mountain between Boulder and Bicknell. They also built the Blue Spruce and Posey Lake campgrounds including an amphitheater, fire pits, piped in water, picnic tables and latrine.

CCC Camp 211 – Main Canyon (SUP #109)
Sponsor  Hole-in-the-Rock Chapter, 2001
Location  Twelve miles west of Escalante at Water Canyon in Main Canyon

This camp was also known as Widstoe Camp, due to its mailing address. It was in operation for only one year. It was staffed mostly by young men from the slums of New York City. The projects were mainly soil erosion prevention and flood control. A dam was begun, but finished by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Historical Event (SUP #141)
Sponsor  Hole-in-the-Rock Chapter, 2006
Location  About twelve miles NW of Escalante, beyond the Blue Spruce Campground.

Near this spot on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 1939, a young mother froze to death, sacrificing her life to save her four-month old infant daughter.

Sixty-five Mile  Escalante to Hole-in-the-Rock
Sponsor  Hole-in-the-Rock Chapter 2005
Location  Southeast from Escalante, Utah.

Mileage Markers – 4x4 posts with the back end of a covered wagon on each -- are placed along this famous road to the Colorado River. The route was followed by the Mormon “San Juan Expedition” as they journeyed toward Bluff, San Juan County, Utah in 1879-80. The rough graveled road traverses a portion of the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument.