Fur Traders Rendezvous (UPTLA #74)
Sponsor – Troop 63, Tendoy Council BSA, Citizens of Laketown and Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association, 1937
Location – Three and one-half miles west of Laketown, on Bear Lake.

The Rocky Mountain Fur Company, headed by Milton G. Sublette, David E. Jackson and Jedediah S. Smith, conducted a fur trading rendezvous in this vicinity in June and July, 1827, taking 130 bales of beaver furs for shipment to St. Louis by pack train. Sublette had left St. Louis in March with 60 men and merchandise, arriving via South Pass in late June. The trading was concluded and all parties dispersed in mid-July 1827, following the return of Smith from a perilous journey to California. Traders were also here in 1826. Large bands of Indians frequently gathered here.