• Fort Robidoux (UPTLA #75)
    Sponsor – Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association, White Rocks Camp DUP, Uintah Basin Industrial Conference, 1937
    Location – At Whiterocks Road on Highway 40, near Fort Duchesne.

    The first year-long abode of white men in what is now Utah, was Antoine Robidoux’s Indian and fur trading post (Fort Wintey or Uintah). It was built 8 miles north of here in 1832. It was on the trails from Taos, New Mexico to the Pacific Northwest, and from Utah Lake to the Platte River Region. Many trappers traded and wintered here. Several distinguished travelers also sojourned here, including Kit Carson, Joseph Williams, Rufus B. Sage, Marcus Whitman, A. L. Lovejoy and John C. Fremont. The fort was burned by Indians in 1844.