Pioneer Legacy Society


The Sons of Utah Pioneers Legacy Society

The National Board, at their final meeting of the year on December 13, 2016, gave final approval by unanimous vote for the creation of the Sons of Utah Pioneers Legacy Society.  The Legacy Society of the SUP is a planned giving recognition Society for members and friends who intend to make a bequest from their estate, trust or will to the Sons of Utah Pioneers.  Upon the donor's passing and fulfillment of the bequest the SUP agrees to use it according to the wishes of the donor or as needed by the SUP.  By creation of the Legacy Society the SUP provides the process by which such bequests can be made.  The form defining this new option is provided here for your information and consideration.

James C. Hurst, President 2016  

If you are interested in arranging a bequest and thereby becoming a member of the Legacy Society, click here.