All members and subscribers of Pioneer magazine as of November 15, 2016 have been sent this special issue. It is also available for purchase at the Church History Museum, at SUP Headquarters, and at selected Deseret Book Stores along the Wasatch Front. The book-length magazine can also be ordered on-line in the SUP Store (click here). The price for the issue in all locations is $19.95.

The publication represents issues 2, 3 and 4 of the 2016 volume of Pioneer magazine. Regular quarterly Pioneer magazine issues will resume during the first quarter of 2017, and continue normally throughout the year.

The new magazine presents a walking tour in print of the one-year-old exhibit at the Church History Museum entitled "The Heavens Are Opened: The Early History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." The Museum is located on West Temple St. in Salt Lake City, immediately west of Temple Square.

The "Heavens Are Opened" exhibit includes many video and interactive graphic presentations, as well as a new film depicting the First Vision. Included throughout are important historic artifacts from the early days of the LDS Church in New York, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois. All of these are documented in this beautiful magazine published by the Sons of Utah Pioneers.

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What is PIONEER magazine?

Pioneer magazine is a quarterly full-color history magazine published by the National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers. It documents the epic exodus of the Mormon pioneers from the eastern United States, leading to their arrival and settlement in Utah and the intermountain west. Each issue focuses on a Utah or Mormon pioneer theme, including significant places, persons and families, important events, historic buildings, and more.

Written to be of interest to non-scholarly readers as well as students of history, Pioneer magazine is beautifully illustrated with photographs and artwork depicting the pioneer experience. Pioneer magazine is a non-profit publication of the National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers. The publisher and editorial board are unpaid volunteers who are members of the Sons of Utah Pioneers.

The Italian Pioneers Issue, Spring 2014. This issue is sold out.

Italian Pioneers issue, Spring 2014,  p. 30

The Parley P. Pratt Issue, Autumn 2015. Single copies of this issue may still be purchased.

Parley P. Pratt Issue, Autumn 2015, P. 22

Please visit the Gallery (below) to see images from several previous issues of Pioneer magazine. Click on any page to see an enlarged image. A complete issue (Spring 2012) can also be viewed on this website. 

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Pioneer magazine is available at most Deseret Book Stores shortly after publication date until the issue is sold out.

Index to 1993 - 2014 Issues

Former S.U.P. National President Jay M. Smith has created a chronological Index of more than 20 years of the magazine. To view or download it, click here.


“The PIONEER magazines are really super and we enjoy reading them from cover to cover. I’ve shared many of the articles with others. Thanks again for producing such a great magazine.” -- Merle J. Eggett, Aubrey, Texas

"Last week we took a short trip to Las Vegas to see the Old Mormon Fort State Park. On our way home, we drove through St. George and stopped at the Deseret Book there, where I found your magazine on the same display as the Ensign.  I am thrilled with it, and knew that I would want future editions. This magazine is of superior quality.  Many thanks to all who contributed!" -- MaryAnn Williams, Smithfield, Utah

“The magazine is beautifully structured, and written with such obvious devotion, I can never postpone reading it. I come from my reading delighted, edified and filled with gratitude for heritage.” -- Anne Okerlund Leavitt, Cedar City, Utah


Pioneer magazine is published four times each year. All S.U.P. members receive the Pioneer magazine as a benefit of their membership. For others who may wish to receive the magazine, a one-year subscription is only $20.00, or two years for $35.00. Single copies of many past issues are also available from the S.U.P. Headquarters office.

To subscribe or to give a gift subscription, please go to the S.U.P. Store (click here).

For more information about Pioneer magazine, please call the S.U.P. Headquarters office at (801) 484-4441 or e-mail the office at


Below: The Provo Tabernacle Issue, Summer 2011, showing the Front and Back Covers, followed by pages 8-20 of 44 pages. This issue was published after a fire destroyed the Tabernacle in December 2010, but before the announcement in October 2011 that the historic building would be restored as the Provo City Center Temple. Click on any page to see an enlarged image.

Below:  The Autumn 1998 Issue included this article on Pioneer furniture making, pages 18-19.

Below: The first edition of the Pioneer from June 1936. These 20 pages (counting the covers) contain many items of interest, including historical notes about the Sons of Utah Pioneers, some thoughtful poetry, a biography of the last 1847 Utah pioneer to pass away (in 1924), and perhaps best of all, the wonderful advertisements that are now both nostalgic and entertaining. Find the ad for the Hudson, Reo and Terraplane automobiles, and consider being refreshed at Fred's Pioneer Tavern at 214 25th Street in Ogden! Click on any page to see an enlarged image.

Note: Pioneer magazine no longer accepts general advertising. Occasionally we may advertise an event or publication with a specific connection to western Pioneer history.

BelowThe Pioneer Garden Issue, Summer 2013, pages 2-9 of 36 pages. Click on any page to see an enlarged image.