• Peace Treaty –– Blackhawk War (SUP #146)
    Sponsor  The Mountain Valley Chapter SUP, 2008
    Location  300 North 200 East

    During the Blackhawk War Mormon settlers and Ute Indians struggled to feed their people. Mormon livestock displaced wild game on grazing lands which the Indians depended upon, forcing them to prey upon Mormon livestock. In the spring of 1867, a hungry Ute was captured butchering a cow in the Heber Valley. Bishop Murdock promised him a release if he would carry a personal message to Chief Tabiona requesting an end to the long and needless war. The Chief said he would talk only with “Old Murdock!” On August 19th Chief Tabiona and several hundred of his people entered the town of Heber City and went directly to Bishop Joseph Murdock’s home where they camped. The following day the townspeople prepared a feast on the lot where this monument is located and enough cattle were roasted to feed everyone. Tables were loaded with bread, corn and other delicacies to feed their guests.After a day of feasting and talking Bishop Murdock, Chief Tabby, and his Sub-Chiefs went to an upstairs room in the bishop’s home, where a peace pipe was smoked and a treaty of friendship was signed. This treaty ended the fighting between the settlers in Heber Valley and the Northern Utes, as all honored their vows to maintain peace.


  • Fort Wallsburg (UPTLA #66)
    Sponsors  Mountain Valley Chapter, SUP, 2003
    Location  100 South Main, Wallsburg, Utah

    When the fort was completed in 1865, it was occupied by twenty families. It was used until the Indian Peace Treaty in 1867.