If you do not live near a local organized Chapter, you (as well as every member of the SUP) are invited to participate in the Facebook At Large Chapter online at: SUP Face to Face.

Chapters are the heart of the Sons of Utah Pioneers experience. Chapters are local groups of S.U.P. members, led by an elected President and a Board of Directors. Most chapters meet monthly to hear from knowledgeable and qualified speakers are often invited to these meetings to give a presentation on pioneer historical subjects, historic locations or buildings, or related current events. Frequently lunches, dinners or musical entertainment may be part of the program. Chapter business is conducted, which includes youth involvement programs such as essay writing and college scholarships. Chapter treks to historical sites are planned, and needs for a new or refurbished monument or marker at a historical site may be discussed.

An important purpose of chapter meetings is for members to socialize with each other and expand their circles of friendship by working together on events and projects. Effective leaders are developed and fresh ideas result from regular rotation of chapter leadership among members.


Below is a list of all our chapters, their presidents and contact information. If you can’t find a chapter listed in an area near you, or you’re not sure which chapter you should join, please contact the National S.U.P. office, 801-484-4441, and we’ll help you find the right place for you. Since there are no predetermined geographic boundaries for the chapters, an S.U.P. member may join any chapter that meets his interests.

The chapters operate independently of the National S.U.P, but always within the Bylaws and Mission Statement of the National Society. Many chapters involve members' spouses in their meetings and activities; others invite them to participate from time to time.


Bruce Gunderson - - SUP Face to Face



MESA - Bill Snarr - 480.835.1379 -
              2nd Thursday, 6:00pm - Chapel SW Corner of Center and 1st Ave, Mesa



MODESTO / NEW HOPE - Richard Nielsen - 209.526.1479 -



EAGLE ROCK - Sterling Emfield - 208.206.3054 -
(Idaho Falls)      3rd Saturday, 9:30am - Chuck-A-Rama, 999 S. 2500 E., Ammon

GROVE CITY - David Williams - 208.684.3098 -
                          4th Thursday, 2:30pm - Blackfoot Senior Center, 20 E Pacific St., Blackfoot

PORTNEUF PIONEERS - Steve Riley - 208.406.6824 -

UPPER SNAKE RIVER VALLEY -  Ken Hart - 208.356.6085 -
(Rexburg)         3rd Thursday, 6:30pm - Madison Senior Center 40 S. 200 W., Rexburg



HARMONY (Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania)



BEAR RIVER - Robin Jensen - 435.494.1028 -
(Tremonton)    4th Thursday, 6:30pm

BOUNTIFUL - Terry Tilley - 801.971.1930 -

BOX ELDER -   Mark Forsgren -  435.734.9340 -
(Brigham City) 2nd Wednesday, 6:30pm - Community Center 24 N. 300 W., Brigham City

BRIGHAM YOUNG - Jim Roosenvall - 801.377.2461 -
(Provo)                        3rd Thursday, 6:00pm - UVU Culinary Institute, 661 E Timp Pkwy, Bldg L

CEDAR CITY - Kent Hugh - 435.704.1805 -

CENTERVILLE - Brent Schick - 801.295.0985 -

COTTON MISSION - Thad Stewart - 435.673.5126 -
(St. George)                3rd Tuesday, 5:30pm Washington Comm. Center, 350 E. 200 N., Washington

DIXIE ENCAMPMENT - Dave Peterson - 435.554.5618 -
(St. George)

HOLE IN THE ROCK - Jack Chambers - 435.826.4425 -

HOLLADAY - Tom Nelson - 801.277.0304 -
                         2nd Friday, SUP Headquarters, 3301 E. 3200 S., Salt Lake City

HURRICANE VALLEY - Chris Woodbury - 801.773 - 1912 -
                                          3rd Thursday, 6:30pm - American Legion Hall, 1040 N. 200 W., Hurricane

JORDAN RIVER TEMPLE - Guy Moore - 801.948.4545 -

LEHI - Merrill Carson - 801.768.9263 -
            2nd Monday, 6:30pm - Dee's Center, 500 N. Center St., Lehi

LITTLE SALT LAKE - Tom Zaleski - 435.477.9094 -
                                     4th Thursday, 6:30pm - Rock Church

MAPLE MOUNTAIN - John Frischknecht - 385.335.3423 -
(Mapleton / and Spanish Fork)      3rd Friday, 6:30pm - 1300 S. Main, Mapleton

MILLS - Merrill Gee - 801.486.8255 -
(SLC East / Mill Creek Area)

MORGAN PIONEER - Brent Rasmussen - 209.204.3750 -

MT NEBO - Layne Peacock - 801.602.1545 -
(Payson)      Fourth Thursday, 6:30pm - 1763 W 10300 E, Payson

MURRAY - Pete Robbins - 801.597.9374 -
                    Fourth Wednesday, 6:30pm - Golden Corral, Midvale

OGDEN PIONEER - Willard Maughan - 801.621.0050 -

OGDEN VALLEY - Dennis Shaw - 801.791.1036 -

PIONEER HERITAGE / CANYON RIM - Corey Noyes - 801.463.4900 -
(Salt Lake County East)    2nd Thursday, 6:30pm - SUP Headquarters, 3301 E. 3200 S., Salt Lake City

PORTER ROCKWELL - Ronald Watts - 801.254.1736 -
(Salt Lake County South)  4th Wednesday, 6:30pm - Chuck-A-Rama, 12350 S. 175 W., Draper

RED ROCKS - Roger Chamberlain - 435.648.2324 -
(Kanab)            1st Thursday, 6:00pm - Kanab Stake Center

SALT LAKE CITY - David Smith - 385.218.7738 -
                                 1st Thursday, 7:15pm - Tenth Ward Building, 400 S. 800 E., Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE PIONEER - Val Parrish - 801.969.1995 -
                                          2nd Wednesday, 12:00pm - Lion House

SANPETE COUNTY - Neal Cox - 801.822.3927 -
(Manti / Ephraim)      2nd Friday, 6:30pm

SETTLEMENT CANYON  - Joe Brandon - 435.830.9784 -
(Tooele)                                1st Thursday, 6:30pm - LDS Meetinghouse, 200 W. 200 S.

SEVIER VALLEY  - Darin Toone - 801.388.0946 -
(Richfield)               3rd Wednesday, 6:00pm - 4th, 7th & 9th Ward LDS Meetinghouse

SNOW HORSE - John Clayton - 801.451.2668 -
(Layton)               1st Tuesday, 6:30pm - Layton Central Library, 155 Wasatch Dr.

SPRINGVILLE - Jake Smith - 801.885.7244 -
                            4th Thursday - LDS Meetinghouse, 55 N. Main

SQUAW PEAK - Eric Stevens - 801.615.5196 -
(Provo / Orem)    3rd Wednesday, 6:30pm - Orem Friendship Center, 93 N. 400 E.

SUGARHOUSE - Dil Strasser - 801.581.1544 -

TAYLORSVILLE-BENNION - Nate Ricks - 801.214.4968 -
                                                   2nd Monday, 6:30pm - Jim's Cafe, 7600 S., Redwood Rd.

TEMPLE FORK - Jeff Barnes - 435.881.2610 -
(Logan)                3rd Thursday, 6:30pm - Coppermill Steakhouse, 2427 N Main St.

TEMPLE QUARRY- Gerald Haycock - 801.571.1858 -
(Salt Lake County)  3rd Thursday, 6:30pm - Sandy Senior Center, 1300 E. 9400 S.

THE MOUNTAIN VALLEY - David Frandsen - 435.654.3249 -
(Heber City)                           4th Thursday, 7:00pm - Abbington Senior Center, 465 E. 1200 S.

TIMPANOGOS - Allen Christensen - 801.756.7027 -
(American Fork) 3rdThursday, 6:30pm - Utah State Development Center, 835 N. 900 E.

TWENTY WELLS - Craig Anderson: 435-840-0537 -



WHAT IF I DON'T LIVE NEAR A CHAPTER? Someone who lives some distance from an organized chapter is considered to be a Member-At-Large. The SUP has recently launched the SUP Face to Face Facebook page to ensure all members of the SUP stay connected.

DO I STILL HAVE TO PAY LOCAL CHAPTER DUES EVEN IF I PAY MY ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES? Members must still pay their local chapter dues, these funds go directly to support that Chapter's activities, whereas National dues go to support the entire organization. Any member may join as many Chapters as they like. If you don't pay your National SUP dues, you cannot be a member of any Chapter.

CAN WIVES BECOME MEMBERS OF THE SUP? Wives are invited to participate in national events along with their husbands, and most (but not all) chapters include wives in their monthly meetings. However, widows of SUP members can maintain their membership for $20 annually as an Associate Member.

HOW ELSE CAN I CONTRIBUTE TO THE SONS OF UTAH PIONEERS?  The National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers has recently adopted an upgrade to its LEGACY PROGRAM.  Bringing the SUP in line with other national organizations, we will now be offering members and friends the opportunity to donate in multiple ways in addition to the traditional, historic giving programs.  Click HERE for more information.