Building Clean Up Day is always a fun time to roll up our sleeves and work side by side. This is also a very impactful way for our members and friends to help keep National Expenses down by filling needs that would otherwise need to be hired out. This goes a long way to helping us in our ongoing efforts to keep expenses down and keep the National Dues as low as possible.
Those who came to help on Saturday, or other times during the week due to schedule conflicts, were the following: Keith Van Roosendaal, John Elggren and his grandson Roundy, Tony Tidwell, John and Diane Smith, Jim and Joan Hurst and their grandson Dallin Despain, Paul Bambrough, Guy Moore, and Gene Minor, along with our Office Staff Heather Davis, Linda Sorensen, and Pat Cook.
We were able to cut down the fallen tree limb from the neighbor’s shed, clean and repair the rain gutters,  sidewalk crack fill and repair, weeding on the entrance side of the parking lot, window washing inside and out, and we replaced all the highest light bulbs in the building with LEDs along with any others that had burned out.     
It is always so nice to have our beloved SUP Headquarters Building looking her best when we invite the public in to our National Symposium the following weekend.