2019 National Headquarters Clean-Up Day

Building Clean Up Day fell on May 4th this year, so we had a lot of fun with May the Fourth be with you, Star Wars themes. We had 21 people join us for 2019 Building Clean Up Day. A lot of great work was done, and a lot of fun was had by all. Besides the wonderful help to repair and maintain our Headquarters Building, this is a chance to enjoy each other’s company while working side by side with members of our National Board and Executive Council, and done by noon on a Saturday. Repairs were made to 75 Chairs in the Heritage Hall by Darrell Newbold, Terrence Wlliamson, Tom Alexander, and Stewart Radmall. The side yard was weeded by Steve Packham, Val Parrish, and Chad and Joanna Stowell. The Parking Lot Side Strip and Tree Box were weeded by Don Parry, Sharrif Dajany, and Jeff Booth. Bob Wall resurrected a weed eater from the dead, and kept on working in the Tree Box and Side Strip. Tony Tidwell and Brad Clayton helped removed a fallen tree and other weeding in the parking lot. John Elggren pulled weeds from a planter bed in the back of the building. Pat Cook deep cleaned the bathrooms including polishing the floor tile, and vacuumed the fireplaces and nooks and crannies around the interior. We even had a visit from little Brigham Davis and his bubble blowing purple dinosaur, along with his big sister Nicole. Linda Sorensen (Building Manager) directed and assisted everyone with everything, many thanks to her for coordinating this event. And many thanks to all of you for helping to keep our National Building as beautiful as possible and our National Expenses as low as possible! Thanks to you all! And join us again next year, this is surely too much fun to miss!